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Plan your next meeting in Greece

Plan your next meeting in Greece

As we are sure you are aware, the economic conditions in Greece are at the moment very difficult. Under these circumstances our country is very much in need of international support on several levels, especially in the field in which Greece can truly offer competitive products and services such as in tourism.




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Scientific Projects

The Hellenic Society in Oncology and Imaging - Περιτοναϊκή Καρκινομάτωση
Προτεινόμενη θεραπεία με κυτταρομειωτική χειρουργική και ενδοπεριτοναϊκή διεγχειρητική υπέρθερμη χημειοθεραπεία (HIPEC).

Why Athens?

Learn why Athens is an ideal congress destination, with excellent conference facilities and easy access from all over the world.

Hellenic - Turkish Summer School in Advanced Surgical Oncology

Click here to download the program of the Hellenic-Turkish Summer School in Advanced Surgical Oncology

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