SEXELIXIS FORUM  |  International Conference on the Evolution of Sex & Relationships

Congress Topics

· The great adventure of sex and relationships: Notice to mariners.

· The modern philosophy of love and the psychology of masculinity/ femininity.

· Finally reach your orgasm: Old and new female orgasms.

· The most important sex organ is the brain. What happens in the male/ female brain during desire, stimulation and orgasm?

· Why do we fall in love, why do we love & why do we cheat?


· Why does a man love another man?

· How to get over the stress of the first approach at flirting.

· Flirting and conquering lessons: How to conquer a man/ woman.

· How to convert a "hook up" into a relationship.

· The plan to make someone fall in love with you and how to retain that feeling.


· The school of relationships and main keynotes.

· How is passion evoked? Why don’t we marry our great passion? How to transform passion into a healthy relationship.

· You are toxic! Why is love sometimes so toxic? Why are we so incapable of escaping from unhealthy relationships?

· How to break the cycle of painful relationships.

· Is there really a "forever after"? How to construct a healthy relationship and how to maintain it.