SEXELIXIS FORUM  |  International Conference on the Evolution of Sex & Relationships

Welcome Note

Sexelixis, from the latin word sex and the ancient Greek word exelixis. Forum, which in ancient Rome meant the market, the public part, and in modern times implies the discussion pages on the internet. The Sexelixis Forum is a public debate on the developments of sex and sexual relations, its a meeting place where we philosophize about love.

The philosophy of love, first appeared in ancient Greece, and that was expected, since there philosophy had separated too early from religion. Socrates and Plato first composed the two dimensions of love, immaturity and wisdom, and on this pattern the philosophy of love in the West, was built. Plato believed that love, besides a complex human desire operates as unexpected ally on the road to true philosophy. That's because walking to the erotic ascent, you end up in the pursuit of the ideal.

The philosophy of love now returns to its hometown. In the city of Athens. The Sexelixis Forum invites the brightest minds of our time, which in their jobs forever changed the history of sex and sexual relations as we know them, to compose the new contemporary philosophy of love. Philosophers, scientists, researchers, sex therapists, sexologists, anthropologists, dating coaches, relationship coaches, sex editors and writers for sex issues and relationships from around the world gather for a day in the city of Athens, to exchange their ideas and disseminate the results of their work to the next generations.

Experts who study gender, investigate human sexuality, maximize pleasure, fight for freedom of sexual identity, teach flirting, save relationships, write the history of marriage and devote their lives to a small verb, in its essence which in Greek begins with the first letter of the alphabet and ends with last- "" - thus closing inside it everything, the beginning and end of human existence.

Ladies and gentlemen,


Welcome to 1st SEXELIXIS FORUM,


Eirini Cheirdari

Author/sex editor/ organizer of the Sexelixis Forum

Love is not a desire of beauty, it is a thirst for completeness. Plato