Hellenic-Turkish Summer School in Advanced Surgical Oncology

Under the Auspices of:

Special Anticancer Hospital METAXA

Aegean University - Management Scienece Department

Organized by:

The Hellenic Society in Oncology and Imaging

Address by the Chairmen

On behalf of the organizing committee we cordially invite you to participate in the "Hellenic - Turkish Summer School in Advanced Surgical Oncology", that will take place in Chios island, one of the most beautiful islands of the North Aegean Sea of Greece.

This 2-day summer seminar is organized by the " Hellenic Society of Education in Oncology and Imaging, Hippocrates", under the auspices of the 1st Department of Surgical Oncology Clinic at Metaxa Cancer Hospital, in Piraeus, Greece and the  Department of Surgery, at the 9 Eylul University Hospital, in Ismir, Turkey.

The seminar focuses on specialized knowledge in Surgical Oncology, up-to-date information and protocols, as well as new cutting-edge techniques.

The participation of Greek, Turkish and of other nationality, physicians, promotes the international collaboration in the surgical field and the exchange of ideas and experience on the grounds of a common medical and socioeconomic level.

As coordinators, we hope that the Summer School of Advanced Surgical Oncology will attract interest and will represent the beginning point for the organization of future events of the same educational value, importance and reputation.

We strongly believe that the best outcome concerning the relationship of the two neighboring countries will come, out of the mutual understanding and collaboration, on common educational grounds.

The Seminar will take place at the amphitheater of the School of Management and Administration of the University of the Aegean.

Finally, we would like to welcome you to this most interesting educational event, hoping that the timing will be perfect and the place suitable to combine relaxation and learning.

With our best regards,

Evgenia Halkia MD.                      John Spiliotis MD.,PhD.                            Selman Sokmen MD.