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«Many thanks for your email and found your approach very pertinent, congratulations !»
 Grégoire Pavillon, Executive Director

«Πολύ ενδιαφέρον. Το Πανεπιστήμιο μου ενδιαφέρεται καθώς και η ερευνητική μου μονάδα»
Άννα Χρονάκη

 «I am sure that Greece is a fantastic place and that you firm is reliable and successful»
Chiara Bolognini

Hands-on Courses in Interventional Pneumonology & Thoracic Endoscopy
8-11 February & 13-16 June 2012

Participants’ comments

“Rich object of learning with very good & patient instructors, high level of knowledge”

“The most excellent seminar”

“It is pleasant the fact that the comments oscillate from very well as excellent”

Chr. Pisiotis, Director CME - CPD

10th Greek Armed Forces Medical Corps Critical Care Meeting
25-26 May 2012, 251 General Army Hospital, Athens

“Thank you for this memorable meeting in a fabulous country”
John Marshall

“Thank you for organizing everything so efficiently”
Prof. Linton

“Thank you for a great meeting & exceptional hospitality. The meeting was a great experience. Thanks again for the opportunity to be a part of this meeting”
Eran Segal, MD

“I want to thank you for the best conference I have ever attended. I enjoyed the lectures. Kos was wonderful & there was a lovely ‘family’ feeling in the group. Most of all thank you for the wonderful hospitality & organization”
Graham Ramsay

“At the risk of being repetitive, my thanks & congratulations as well. A terrific meeting & a wonderful time”
Clifford S. Deutschman

Eaaci Congress
16-19 June 2012, Geneva

“Thank you. You are an excellent professional”
D. Giannakopoulos, Allergologist

Hands-on Courses in Interventional Pneumonology & Thoracic Endoscopy
9-12 January & 26-29 June 2013

“Dear Verina, I am writing to thank you personally as well as all the staff of the ICB for the highly efficient management of the course & your excellent presence in all phases of this effort. The trainees left fully satisfied as we tried hard to educate them & all had the feeling of having a really successful opportunity. I would like to thank you again & I look forward to continuing our collaboration.”
Gr. Stratakos, MD, FCCP, Head of the Interventional Pulmonology Unit, 1st Respiratory Medicine Department, University of Athens, "Sotiria" Hospital

Participants’ comments

“Very useful & sufficiently clinically oriented. Thanks so much!”

“Bravo! Keep at it, a perfectly useful and educational seminar”

“Excellent effort, worthy instructors.”

“Nutricion & Cancer. From prevention to treatment”

28-29 March 2014, Amphitheater of “Metaxa” Hospital

“Dear Mrs. Alexandropoulou, we would like to thank you for this successful organization of the conference…”

On behalf of PANSILA’s President.

J. Iliopoulos

“….Thank you for the invitation to this wonderful conference and my congratulations to the organizing committee for doing such a wonderful job...”

Despina Varaklas, Clinical Dietitian. Founder at Nutrition & Health Management

“Mrs. Alexandropoulou, congratulations to you, the Organizing & Scientific Committee of the Conference for this great success…”

Vaios Th. Karathanos, Prof. Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry of Foods, Harokopio


“…my warmest congratulations to the EXCELLENT workshop”

Manolis Manolarakis, President of the Greek Association of Dietitians & Nutritionists

“…thank you for everything! Although I participate in several conferences, I think you are the best organizer, with respect to the feedback of the invited speakers. I am impressed!”

St. Papakosta, Scien. Director K.A. “Arogi Thessalias”, Larisa